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Planning Your Wedding Table Layout

From table size, to seating arrangements to tabletop décor, having a planned wedding table layout will make a big difference in the success of your reception. With the stress that comes with planning a wedding, anything that can be done in advance should be.

At One Stop Rental, we have the seating supplies you need for your wedding day, but we’d also like to help our readers with the planning process. Here are some tips for the perfect wedding table layout.

Seating Arrangements

Although it may seem like a hassle, the majority of wedding guests actually prefer assigned seating according to a YouGov survey. Reasons why? You avoid the rush for “good seats,” couples get split up and your beautiful table set up gets ruined by people setting their stuff down to claim seats. Assigning guests to tables will take more time in the planning process, but save you from a headache on the day-of. In general, try to put guests with at least one person they know at each table. Avoid mixing age groups too much, but do try to have an even ratio of men to women at each table. There are plenty of seating assignment programs online that can help you through the process.

Table Size and Positioning

Typically, you’ll either use round or rectangular tables for a wedding. For round tables, plan to fit eight guests to a 60-inch table and 10 guests to a 72-inch table. For rectangular tables, you can fit six to a 6-foot table and eight to an 8-foot table. Going over the recommended number of guests per table will not only make them uncomfortable, but it will make communication difficult as well. Try to leave at least 5 feet of space between every table so that guests can easily move between the rows. The last thing you want is guests bumping into each other and spilling food or drink on their lovely outfits.

Seating Charts, Table Numbers and Name Cards

Once you’ve decided where each guest will sit, you’ll need to find a way to let them know. A popular way to do this is by posting seating charts as people enter the reception area. Depending on the time and effort you want to devote to these charts, you can either assign guests to a table, or give them specific assigned seats at each table. Place a table number stand in the middle of each table so that guests can easily find their seats. For a personal touch that your guests will love, have unique name cards created so they can claim their seats.

Table Décor

Carefully Pick Centerpieces

Now for the fun part – deciding on your table décor. Start with crisp, white table cloths draped over each table to create an elegant canvas. Flowers are the most popular centerpiece, but feel free to go a more non-traditional route with balloons or candles if you wish. Just make sure the centerpieces aren’t so large that they block your guests’ view of each other. Add a fun touch by including disposable cameras and an ice-breaker game on each table.

Armed with your wedding table layout plan, you can enjoy your wedding day without the stress of seating drama. For your tables, seating and décor, visit us at One Stop Rental in West Chester, OH in the greater Cincinnati area. You can also chat with us on social about any of your wedding day needs.