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If you’re planning to host a special event, having a popcorn machine on site is a must. A party just isn’t a party when there’s not a popcorn maker. And even better, these machines are easy for everyone to use. A popcorn machine rental for a one-time event is more practical than buying one.

Whether it’s a community festival, an employee function or a fundraising carnival, One Stop Rental has the popcorn machine rental that will make your event the talk of the town. The 6-ounce Gold Medal popcorn machine comes completely assembled and features three simple switches for easy operation. The popcorn maker also comes equipped with a 6-ounce cup used for measuring the corn kernels.

Using The Gold Popcorn Machine Is Easy

The light and warmer switch turns on the heat light and heat for the bottom corn pan. The kettle motor turns on the motor that drives the kettle agitator shaft. The kettle heat switch activates the heat element of the popcorn maker. Experts recommend using colored and flavored coconut oil with this machine so the popcorn stays fresh longer and doesn’t end up with the black deposits inside the kettle left by other types of oils.

The first step in using your popcorn maker is turning on the kettle motor and kettle heat switches. Starting off with a test-pop of three kernels and an ounce of oil inside the kettle first is recommended. Once the first three kernels pop, load the oil and corn charges into the kettle. After that kernel has popped, you can dump the kettle and repeat the process until you pop three to five batches.

Fresh popcorn in a popcorn machine.

After you’re done popping those, let the kettle cool down before wiping any excess oil drippage off the outside with a soft cloth. When you’re done popping for the day, let the kettle cool down until it’s still warm before unplugging it and removing it from the machine. Wipe the kettle lid, the inside, the outside, underneath and the crossbar with a soft cloth.

The cabinet and the outside of the machine can be easily wiped down as well. Avoid using cleaners with ammonia because it may cause plastic components of the machine to crack.

One Stop Rental has these popcorn makers available to rent for an affordable price on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Contact us today about popcorn machine rental or stop by one of our locations in northern Cincinnati.