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You can already feel the chill in the air. Soon, furnaces will roar back to life keeping the frigid temperatures at bay.

The creeping low temperatures, however, bring with them unique and temporary heating issues. For all those needs, One Stop Rental has got you covered.

A Basic Need

From cuddling to sitting in front of a roaring fire, staying warm is something we all seek. Happiness is a warm puppy if you believe Charles Schulz of Peanuts fame. The quest for warmth and shelter are among the fundamental needs of human survival, right up there with food and water.

For Business and Pleasure

But what if you work outside?  Even the burliest of construction workers toiling away in the depths of winter can stay warm. The thickest of winter coats can’t shut out the bite of a cold wind.

Try our 1.5 million BTU forced air, propane Heat Cannon made especially to warm large construction sites.

Portable heaters will keep you warm this fall.

If you don’t need that much of a fire-breather, One Stop Rental has a number of powerful construction site heaters.

But let’s say your folks are visiting from Florida. For them, we have a 1500-watt electric space heater, perfect for the spare bedroom.

For an outside event on a chilly evening, rent one of our Zubri portable patio heaters. Pumping out 40,000 BTUs, the propane-powered heater will be the life of the party.

Fuels to Burn

  • Propane – It’s a gas, but also a liquid. Under high pressure, the gas turns into a liquid state making for easier transport. The fuel’s propensity to immediately vaporize once released from pressure makes it a cleaner and safer burning fuel.
  • Kerosene – A thick clear liquid, kerosene is not as volatile and burns more cleanly than other fuels. The fuel produces lower levels of carbon monoxide making it a safer fuel to burn indoors.

Whatever your heating need, One Stop Rental has the equipment to keep you toasty this fall and winter. For information about our products, contact us here.