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Party rentals have evolved over the last few years. Party planning used to be matching cups to plates and adding some flowers and a tablecloth. With the growth of rental options, custom packages offering a variety of items are now available.

At One Stop Rental in West Chester, OH we can service your party rental needs. Instead of asking “What can I rent?” the better question is “What can’t I rent?” In this article we will present some of the questions you should be asking your party rental supplier.

Referrals and Discounts

Rental companies who receive free referrals from their previous clients are usually top notch suppliers. Previous clients will provide great reviews and honestly give their positive or negative feedback. By reviewing some referrals and testimonials of previous events, you will have a much better overview of how a rental company will handle your event.

In addition to referrals, look for discount options. Some suppliers will provide discounts depending on the size of the package you choose and how early you book in advance, and will be able to better tailor a custom package to your budget. Keep in mind that this is your money being spent, and you should feel that you are getting as much value as possible for your dollar.

Essentials and Beyond

Most party rental suppliers can provide the basics: balloons, tables and chairs. One Stop Rental goes a step beyond the basics and has redefined what it means to be a party rental specialist, providing more than the basics for any clients’ desires. Save yourself time by exploring all the possible options your party rental supplier can provide and take advantage of their network to pickup the additional odds and ends, you might even receive an additional discount doing everything through a one-stop-shop rental supplier.


Additional Questions to Ask

How long have you been in business?

Are you licensed and insured?

Is there a written contract? Including pricing of supplies, dates and options for rain or bad weather?

Will your company deliver, setup and tear down?

How early in advance do I need to schedule?

When is the last day I can add items or make changes?

Will you visit the event’s location prior to the scheduled date?

What are the latest trends for my event?

What are your policies on accidental damage?

Is there a cleaning fee or any hidden costs?

Do you require a deposit and when is final payment due?

What is your cancellation policy?

Keep in mind you should have all of your questions answered up front before you make any form of payment. Always ask for a rate sheet so you can compare options between different party rental suppliers. Knowing specifics on item restrictions, the time it will take to setup and what their current available inventory will aid in your decision to choose the right supplier for your party needs.

At One Stop Rentals in West Chester, OH we can service your party rental needs. If you can have questions please call or contact us. You can also share your event ideas with us via social media.