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Ice fishing season is nearly upon us. The ice is thickening on area ponds and lakes beckoning those intrepid ice fishermen. This year, instead of buying that expensive ice auger, why not rent your ice fishing equipment?

One Stop Rental has Stihl BT 120C augers for $45 a day, a fraction of what it would cost to buy one. While a good auger is essential to ice fishing, it is also one of the least used pieces of equipment. Once the hole is bored through the ice, its mission is complete. After the season is over, it goes back into the garage for the rest of the year.


One Stop Rental has augers for $45 a day!

Bonus: Ice Fishing Tips

Ice fishing tends to be more of a social endeavor with camaraderie a part of the experience. But if you are tempted to go out on the ice alone, don’t. Ice is unpredictable. It is always better to have a partner in case something does happen. Also, let others know where you plan to fish and how long you plan to stay.

Use small bait. While fish are still active and readily eat during the winter, they don’t move as fast or eat as much. Smaller bait will attract a slower fish just looking for a snack. Because they are moving slower, don’t expect a fish to strike the bait hard. Use lighter tackle to ensure you feel or see when the fish takes the bait.

Be patient. If using a jig or a spoon, present it slowly. It will take time for a cold fish to react.

At One Stop Rental, we have all the equipment you will need to make it a great ice fishing season. We also carry a full line of party and tool supplies for all your needs.

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