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There’s nothing quite like spending time outdoors, especially when the weather is cooperating. The problem is the climate in northern Cincinnati doesn’t always want to work with you when you’re planning an outdoor event.

Whether you’re organizing a company picnic, hosting a booth at a festival, creating a presence for your business at a corporate event or doing some renovations on your home, dealing with the elements can cause headaches. When it comes to guaranteeing that you and your clients or guests will be comfortable and shielded from inclement weather, renting sidewalls for outdoor events is much more practical than crossing your fingers.

Providing a structure that offers shade from the sun, keeps bugs and pests away and protects your materials and equipment from wind and rain make the difference between having a pleasant day or spending it fighting the forces of nature.

Here are some of the ways that sidewalls can help you:

Protection Against the Elements

Whether it’s sunny, windy or rainy in northern Cincinnati, sidewalls allow you to set up your operation outdoors with minimal impact from the weather. By creating an outdoor shelter, you can protect centerpieces, literature, products, equipment and blueprints from being damaged by rain or blown around by the wind.

Climate Control

While Cincinnati does have its share of beautiful sunny days, the Queen City ranks fourth for unpredictable weather among 128 cities studied nationwide. Sidewalls offer a haven from brutally hot and humid days as well as chilly evenings.

Rent sidewalls

Unlike standard tents and canopies, sidewalls enclose the space from the ground to the ceiling. By having an enclosed structure, you can control the indoor climate with heaters, air conditioners and fans. This protects materials and products at home renovation construction sites.


Even if the temperature and weather decide to cooperate, another good reason to rent sidewalls is to camouflage an unsightly view or eyesore. This can be a concern for both business events and homeowners.

Sidewalls can keep a messy construction area out of your neighbor’s view, allow work to proceed in privacy and keeps expensive equipment and tools out of sight. At business events, beautiful locations aren’t always an option. Sidewalls can add class and sophistication while obstructing unpleasant views.

For more information about how renting sidewalls for outdoor events can make your occasion or activity more attractive and comfortable, contact the rental experts at One Stop Rental Tool & Party today. From 10×10 fast shades to 7-8 foot sidewalls, rental equipment to party supplies, you’ll find it here. We’ve been proudly serving northern Cincinnati communities since 1993 by offering everything you need to make life easier.