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If you’ve got a special event coming up, and you need seating for your guests, you may feel lost. But don’t worry, you have several options.

You could ask friends and family to loan you a few chairs, but then you run into the challenges of getting the chairs to your event safely, finding ones that match and ensuring that you have enough. You could also purchase chairs, but why invest in something you’ll only need once?

Rental Chairs to the Rescue

Rental chairs are a great solution and One Stop Rental makes sure they have the right inventory to suit your needs. Whether you’re hosting a small, intimate gathering or you’re planning a large outdoor wedding, you’ve got some choices.

  • Chiavari Chairs
    Chiavari chairs are among the most popular rental chairs, particularly for formal events. Sturdy and comfortable, they add a unique elegance and charm to your social gathering.

Rows of folding chairs at an event.

  • Folding Chairs
    Folding chairs are great for almost any event for several reasons:

    • Affordability – Most folding chairs are less expensive than the other options, so they’re a favorite of the family or business owner on a budget.
    • Space – Keep the chairs folded until you need them, so you have space to organize the party space.

One Stop Rental offers folding chairs in a variety of styles and colors to choose from, and are available in metal, plastic and resin. Because each comes with a different look and feel, they are the choice for many events like hosting a family reunion, celebrating a holiday meal, planning a church banquet or organizing a local fundraiser. Certain folding chairs are also perfect for wedding events, receptions and rehearsal dinners. The sky is the limit when it comes to these comfortable rental chairs.

  • Bar Stools

If you plan on having a bar at your event, One Stop Rental has bar stools that can suit any occasion. They include padding as well as a footrest, increasing their overall comfort and ultimately encouraging your guests to stick around for a while.

For most events the benefits of going with a rental chair outweigh buying. One Stop Rental makes it easy for you to get your party planned and rents chairs by the day, week or month.

For information about rental chairs or any of our other rental party supplies, contact us today.