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Nearly half of families hold a reunion annually, but that may be unrealistic for families that are widely scattered or have priorities like new babies or job concerns. If you’re planning a reunion, consider following a schedule. What steps do you take prior to the event?

How Do You Plan For A Family Reunion?

Form A Reunion Committee

Form a family committee of those with the time and resources to help. They’ll help you come up with ideas and keep track of seating, tent rentals and other details.

Choose A Reunion Date

Planned dates may change as you get feedback. Encourage people to make the time for a reunion, but before you make reservations or rentals, pick a date everybody agrees on.

Invite The Guests

An extended family of cousins, nieces, grandchildren and so on can amount to a lot of people who all have to be entertained and fed. Get reservations from the start so you know what you’re dealing with.

Prepare A Budget

Once you’ve established how many people are coming, you can start making cost projections and establish where that money’s coming from.

Determine The Activities

You might want to consider activities like games, softball or live music. Don’t forget that child and adult activities will be very different.

Choose A Location And Transportation

The location should reflect your reunion concept, whether it’s barbecue, camping or another type, and the number of expected relatives. Will a pavilion suffice, or will you need additional tent rentals? How will everyone get there? Who’ll make reservations and supply directions?

Tent rentals

Choose The Food

When considering the menu for the event, it should match the general theme, as well as the guests. Don’t make it a clambake if you know Uncle John hates seafood.

Delve Into The Details

There are many other planning details, so you should write up a list. Seating, utensils, napkins, restrooms, ice – the list will probably continue to grow.

Confirm The Invites And The Arrangements

Once you’ve confirmed who will or will not attend, you can make the final arrangements. If you’re leasing a hall or expecting catering, confirm the reservation or service as the event draws near.

Prepare For The Reunion Conclusion

You may want to end the occasion on a high note, such as a speech, toast or special gift. But you’ll also want to arrange beforehand who’s going to help with cleaning up and packing away and returning any equipment.

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