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It’s that time of year again. The holidays are packed with parties and festivities that we can all enjoy. Are you planning to host an event this year but struggling with the details? We’re here to help!

At One Stop Rental of West Chester, OH; servicing the greater Cincinnati area, we offer the rental supplies you need for your next holiday party. If you would like to learn more about table and linen ideas, please read further for more information.

The Quick and Easy

Bows – There are a variety of ways to use bows to spruce up your table and linen settings. Try using a thick and long ribbon to wrap a bow around your place setting.

Bells – It is the holiday season and bells are more useful now than most occasions. Tie bells onto the sides or corners of your table runners to add a little something extra to a plain table cloth.

Napkin Rings – For a quick and easy DIY project, take some leftover wrapping paper and cut it into little strips to create napkin rings, for your silverware. These double as tiny little presents for your guests to use during dinner.

Table Ideas for Christmas Party

Candles – Use a store bought boxwood wreath and put some white candles in short candle holders. To keep the wreath fresh, spritz it with some water on occasion.

Pine Cones – You can use these as a festive centerpiece for your tables. Spray paint some in silver and some in red to have a nice holiday colored contrast. Place them in a glass bowl and you’re all set.

Fruit – There are a lot of options with fruit. You can use nice shiny selections as place card holders for seating arrangements. Also, you can take some fake fruit and dress it up for the holidays. If you want to DIY, take some fruit and spray it with adhesive and roll the fruit in some white and silver glitter to create a nice icy look.

These are some quick and easy ideas to spice up your table settings for your next holiday party. Keep an eye on our blog for more tips and tricks to help you with your holiday events.

At One Stop Rental of West Chester, Ohio, we have been servicing the greater Cincinnati area, and want to help you with your next event. If you need some additional tables or chairs, please contact us. Also connect with us on via social media to share your party pictures.