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Whether you’re throwing a formal dinner party or gathering your family for an evening meal, table setting is an invaluable skill. When preparing your table, you need to decide what kind of setting you want to create. More often than not, your basic table setting will serve your needs and exceed your guests’ expectations.

One Stop Rental, servicing the greater Cincinnati area, wants to help you set a table that will wow your friends and family. We know how important it is to make a great impression, so we’re happy to help. Continue reading to find out about basic table setting.

FORKS: The Table Setting Acronym

The FORKS Acronym for Table Setting

The next time you prepare to set a table, the easiest way to remind yourself where everything goes is to remember the acronym FORKS. From left to right, your table should have forks, plates (O-shaped), knives and spoons. The letter R doesn’t represent anything, but serves to make the acronym neat and tidy.

Table Setting with Both Hands

A common dinner party conundrum can easily be prevented by looking at your hands. One of the most common problems is the issue: “Is this mine or yours?” Here’s how to fix that: hold out both hands in front of you, touch the tips of your thumbs to the tips of your forefingers and consult the resulting letters. Your left hand should form a lowercase b for “bread and butter,” while the right should resemble a d for “drinks.” Simple and effective!

Table Setting Extras

When it comes to preparing your table, there are some finishing touches you should note. Knife blades should always face toward the plate, rather than out toward guests’ arms. This is for safety as well as presentation purposes. Also, the napkin should go either to the left of the fork or on the plate, depending on your personal preference. Bread and butter knives are recommended, but entirely optional.

If you’re hosting a party or family dinner, you can wow your guests with your basic table setting knowledge. In upcoming blog posts, we’ll discuss two other common table settings: formal and informal. Keep an eye out for those!

At One Stop Rental of West Chester or Liberty/Fairfield Township, Ohio, we want to help you give your guests a celebration to remember. If you have any questions about entertaining or are interested in renting some of our party items, contact us or get in touch via social media.