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With Ohio’s beautiful fall weather approaching, what better time is there to have an outdoor event? Having a tent to protect your guests from any inclement weather is always a good choice, but there are some factors you should consider before selecting your tent.

At One Stop Rental in the greater Cincinnati area, we know a thing or two about picking the right party supplies for your upcoming wedding or special event. Choosing the right tent is essential for the comfort of your guests, and to ensure that everyone can move around smoothly and safely.

Picking a Tent Size 

Pick a Tent SizeThe size of your tent should be based on multiple factors, not necessarily just on how many people will be in attendance (although that is certainly one of the main factors). Here are some questions to keep in mind: Will there be seating only? A bar and a buffet? A DJ and dance floor? All of the above? For example, if you have 60 guests, a bar and a dance floor, you’ll probably need a tent that’s 1,000 square feet. If you only need seating for those 60 guests, you could go with one that’s only 600 square feet. Once you know the details, call us at One Stop Rental and we’ll figure out the exact size tent you need.

Choosing a Tent Type

There are two main types of tents to choose from for your event; frame tents and pole tents. The main difference between the two is that for frame tents, the tent is supported by stakes that are located around the perimeter of the tent. For pole tents, some of the support comes from large poles located within the tent. For some, pole tents have more visual appeal due to the peaks created from the central poles. Others would rather avoid the poles within the tent that obstruct guests’ movement. The type of tent you choose also depends on the surface your event will be located on. Pole tents usually need to be anchored into grass, whereas frame tents that are free-standing can be placed on concrete or asphalt.

Remember the Accessories

While a tent is already a great start to making your outdoor event more pleasurable for your guests, there are plenty of tent accessories that can really take your party to the next level. Party lights are a must for evening and nighttime events. Heaters are another great option for cool fall nights, while fans will be greatly appreciated for parties held when the sun is at its hottest.

Making a Tent Safety Plan

Tent Safety PlanWith large tents used for events, it is crucial that you have an evacuation plan put in place. While large pole and frame tents can protect guests against moderate weather, they are not meant to stand up in severe conditions. Before the event, designate a person or small group that will be responsible for assisting with the evacuation plan, monitoring weather and determining if an evacuation is necessary. This could be someone personal, such as a family member, or professional like an event planner. For your safety, when renting a tent from One Stop Rental, we have provided a detailed account of how to create your own evacuation plan.

Still need help choosing the right tent? Call us or visit us at either of our locations in Hamilton, OH or West Chester, OH. We’ve got all the equipment and accessories you’ll need. Have any other party questions? You can reach out to us on social as well!