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We’ve all had our fun as children in a bounce house. If you haven’t, you should rent one right now and give it a try. Your family will have a blast!

Bounce houses come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. Bounce houses have a variety of names, including: “Moon Bounce,” “Spacewalk,” “Jolly Jump” and “Brinca Brinca,” which is Spanish for jump jump.

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Types of Temporary Inflatable Structures

Over the years there have been a lot of variations of inflatable structures. Within the bounce house category itself you can see the different design styles such as a castle, animal shapes like an elephant or gorilla, water and regular slides and obstacle courses.

An interesting aspect of these designs is how to get the images on the inflatable product. There are many factors to consider when designing the look of an inflatable structure when it is fully inflated. Most inflatable structures are actually hand-painted. This is easier and cheaper than to buy a printing machine or pay for a professional print job. If you don’t have someone to hand-paint the design, you do have two additional options. One is screen-printing and the other is digital print machines that can print on nylon.

Safety of Inflatable Structures

The History of the Bounce House

Over time inflatable structures have gone through many renditions to add more safety features. Beginning with the first inflatable bounce house there were no walls; imagine a large inflatable mattress. Following that design came another with an inflatable top and sides, creating an almost fully enclosed bouncy structure. Due to problems with the bounce houses becoming too hot, the inflatable sides eventually were redesigned with netting attached to inflatable columns on the corners. This design can still be seen used today; it provides air flow throughout the bounce house but also allows for parents to supervise the children inside.

If you are looking to throw a party for any age, look to rent some inflatable structures. Bounce houses work great with kids and even a limited number of adults. Additional options include inflatable obstacle courses which can range up to 70 to 80 feet in length.

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