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Having access to a backup generator is very important in the winter. You can lose power during summer storms, but being without AC is more of an inconvenience. Chances of losing power are even greater during the winter. Ice build-up may increase the stress on branches by 30 times, making them more likely to snap and take out power lines. If that happens, your family could be without heat in freezing temperatures.

Why You Need a Generator

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider having a backup generator as part of your preparations for winter storms.

1. Backup Heat

It’s worth repeating the point that heat is one of your essential needs in the winter time, especially if you have the very young or elderly in your household. If you have electric heat and the power goes out, the only thing that will get you through the night is a backup generator. It can literally save your life.

2. Continue Business

If you run a small business or even a home-based business, being without electric power means losing money and probably even regular customers. Backup power will keep you going. In severe storms, a power outage could last for days, even weeks and that could mean the end of your business unless you have a generator.

3. Portable Power

A good home generator will get you through the tough after-storm period, but some people need power outside the home. Contractors, farmers and anyone else working outdoors or moving from one location to the next during a power outage need a portable generator to provide power for tools and lights.

4. Major Appliances

Some things you just can’t do without for days. One of the chief concerns is refrigeration. When the power is out for days, you can expect the food in your freezer and refrigerator to start going bad. Other concerns might be medical devices, home security, power for mobile devices and even a TV as a source of news. Any of these make a generator important.

Refrigerator backup power

5. Sump Pumps

Losing power in times of heavy runoff from melting snow and ice can mean a lot of water in the basement. If you can’t keep a sump pump running to remove it, basement flooding could lead to property loss and even structural damage to the home.

6. Nightlights

Getting by on flashlights is frustrating while candles pose a risk of fire. Just having some lights on at night can be important. It can keep kids calmer, deter would-be intruders and make conditions safer when moving about in the dark.

Businesses, contractors and homeowners can find the right generator for their needs at One-Stop Rental. Don’t get left in the dark when the next big storm comes. Stop by one of our northern Cincinnati locations to ask questions and learn about your power options.