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Cooking with propane is simple and easy. It takes the mess out of grilling because, unlike charcoal, all you need is a grill, a spatula and a propane tank. Most grills run off of 20-pound propane tanks, but propane tanks can also come in larger sizes. Set-up is quick and easy so you can start grilling fast! Also, propane is a suitable choice when it comes to environmentally friendly grilling because it tends to produce less CO2 emissions than charcoal grilling. Besides all of those perks, we know that people really grill for two main reasons; the environment of grilling, and the food!


The Perks of Propane: A Summer Grilling Blog


The Environment

There is no doubt about it—nothing beats grilling in the backyard with your friends and family on a crisp summer evening. Throwing a backyard barbecue is a fun way to relax and enjoy the great outdoors without going too far from home!

Thinking of inviting more than just a few people over for an outdoor shindig? Make sure you have enough food for everyone and that you set the mood with some outdoor lighting!

The Food

Needless to say, the best part about having a propane grill is the fantastic food creations that can happen. Grilling creates a unique dining experience that just can’t be recreated inside the home. From steak, to kebabs to veggie burgers, literally everything tastes better grilled. Want something sweet? You can make dessert on the grill too! Curious as to why grilling makes food better? Check out this article on the science of grilling!

We love cooking on the grill and we know you will, too. That’s why every Tuesday at One Stop Rental is $10 Tuesday. So come on by either location next Tuesday and fill up your 20-pound propane tank for just $10!