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The federal government has published procedures detailing how to polish floors at historic government buildings.

Unfortunately, the procedures mostly have to do with the process of obtaining proper clearances and permissions before the work begins.

After all the forms are completed, there are references to the type of products which should be used and the admonition to follow manufacturer’s instructions. That’s about all you get from the publication. There are dozens more publications the government has for cleaning and maintaining wood, marble, concrete and tile. Each is equally helpful.

But polishing floors is not a difficult task. The most intimidating aspect is the heavy polishing machine. However, once the polisher is turned on, it’s rather easy to control.

Floor Prep

Don’t Forget the Prep Work

Preparing the floor for polishing is one of the most important aspects of the job. Moving furniture and other items out of the area where you want to polish is just the beginning.

A thorough cleaning comes next. Dry mop to get up the bigger dust and dirt particles and then wet mop the floor to remove smaller particles and grime.

Make sure to use a polishing pad attachment on the polishers or your floor could be damaged.

Start polishing in the furthest corner of the room moving with the grain of the wood. Apply polishing solution evenly to a small area of floor and polish in short, even side-to-side strokes with the polisher. Continue moving backward toward the front of the room until finished.

Dry mop the floor again to collect any polishing material left behind and then wet mop to remove any remaining residue. Your floors should shine like new.

Now Clean it Up

Once you’re done, make sure to remove the polishing pad from the machine. If you forget, not only will the pad likely get ruined, but you can also damage the polishing machine.

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