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When you’re hosting a wedding outdoors, you ought to keep in mind several considerations. Some aspects, such as location and cost, are obvious. But others may not be so easy to imagine when you’re weighing your options. Here’s a list of items to keep in mind while you’re choosing an outdoor wedding location.

Plan Your Desired Setup

Most couples have their own personal wedding preferences, and you’ll want to make sure your plans will work at the place you choose. For starters, make a list of priority items and determine whether the location will accommodate your wishes. Dancing, an open bar, a stage for karaoke, a photo booth – all of these take up space, so it’s wise to plan your setup long before your special day arrives.

Double-Check Your Electronics

On a similar note, you’ll also want to make sure that you’ll be able to plug everything in: your sound system, lighting, heaters or fans, and any other electrical equipment. Is electricity already provided, or will you need to rent a generator? Do you have enough outlets? How about extension cords?

outdoor wedding location

Compensate for the Weather

Rain, snow or other unexpected bad weather phenomena can disrupt the best laid plans. To better gauge the environmental unknowns, monitor weather forecasts and projections. Consider average temperatures for the month of your wedding. Tents can keep out bugs during warmer months, and fans can help combat heat or humidity. If forecasts are for chilly weather, rent heaters.

Areas for Prepping (Also, Bathrooms!)

You’ll want to make sure you and your wedding party have a place to get prepare before the ceremony. If your outdoor wedding location is close to home, then that might be the best place to prepare. If it isn’t, you should start looking for alternate and suitable space (preferably with plenty of mirrors!)

One last item to remember: You should make sure  you and your guests have easy access to bathrooms. Getting married in a park? Visit the restrooms to ensure that they’re clean and working. And if you’re getting married in a friend’s backyard, know that they might not be planning to maketheir bathrooms to all of your guests.

Outdoor wedding location

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