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If you’re finally ready to tackle that tile project you’ve been putting off, you should seriously consider using a tile saw to make your remodeling job easier.

A tile saw makes cutting tile a breeze. It is a lot more consistent than a manual tile cutter and makes it easier to cut tile to fit in a corner or at an angle. The tool can be electric or gas powered and uses water to reduce the heat produced by the diamond blade to make cuts smoother. The water also keeps down the dust produced in the cutting process. Because the saws use water they are sometimes referred to as wet saws.

Make sure your saw is set up on an even and sturdy surface.

Tips On Using A Tile Saw

  • Make clear cutting lines on the tile using a lead or grease pencil.
  • Make sure your saw is set up on an even, sturdy surface. Read the operating manual to familiarize yourself with how the tool works.
  • Add water to the reservoir. Without water, the blade can get damaged, and blades are expensive.
  • Always wear eye protection. Tile is made of gritty material which can fly off at high speed causing eye injuries.
  • Position the marked tile you want to cut onto the sliding table as far away from the blade as you can. Make sure the blade is not spinning at this point.
  • Once you have positioned the tile, turn on the blade and allow it to get to speed.
  • Keep your hands clear of the cutting line. Hold the tile tightly and slowly feed it into the blade using the sliding table.
  • Turn the saw off and remove the tile.

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