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It’s important to monitor the news during storm season and prepare for the worst. The first priority is escaping or surviving a storm. But in the aftermath of high winds, floods or blizzards, we’re faced with the task of cleaning up.

Managing The Aftermath

Since safety is always a priority, call the local utilities company to report downed power lines, and gas or water leaks. Stay away from trees or structures that may collapse. Take pictures of all the damage. When you start the cleanup, be sure everyone involved has basic contractor supplies like a hard hat, safety glasses, boots, plastic, saw blades.

Dealing With Flooding

Use your sump pump to remove standing water. Use a fan or commercial dryer to keep air circulating. If you don’t have a suitable pump, you can rent a pump.

Cleaning and Repairing Flood Damage

Be sure to use a good disinfectant and wear rubber gloves when doing any clean up around the home after a flood. Soggy drywall and wood should be replaced by a licensed contractor.

Getting Rid Of Mold

If you see definite signs of mold, such as black stains or actual growth, stay away. This is potentially quite toxic, and mold-infested material should be removed by licensed mold specialists.

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Clearing The Snow

Homeowners may find huge snow drifts following a blizzard. Snow should be cleared from doors, windows, roofs, steps, walkways and driveways for safety and to reduce damage from water when melting.

Dealing With Ice Dams

As water melts, runs off and freezes again, it can create ice dams that prevent further draining. Look for and break up any ice dams that form around your driveway, steps and walkways, as well as around the edge of the roof to allow runoff.

Removing Damaged Trees

Damaged trees can be dangerous if they’re likely to breakdown further or pose a risk to playing children. Pick up any loose branches that are scattered over your property, but leave removing damaged or fallen trees to professionals.

Fixing Broken Windows

Cover shattered windows with plywood until proper repairs can be done. Be sure to pick up any large pieces of glass inside or outside while wearing a thick pair of gloves, and carefully sweep up any smaller bits. Dispose of them in a sturdy container, not a plastic bag.

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Clearing Leaves

Be sure to sweep any leaves out of the home, as they could present a risk of infestation or fire if very dry. Gather these into a pile for disposal by any means you have, such as hand-raking, leaf blowers, or leaf-sweeping equipment.

For a wide variety of contractor supplies and equipment you can contact One Stop Rental. There are two locations in northern Cincinnati to supply tools and equipment to homeowners engaged in major cleanup efforts. Before you settle for restoring your property the hard way, call or stop by one of our shops to find the tools and equipment that will help the most.