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It’s always fun to go out to eat with friends and family, but it becomes a more intimate event when hosting at your own home. We’d like to show you some easy tips and tricks to planning a holiday brunch without the extra stress.

At One Stop Rental of West Chester, Ohio, we would like to help supply you with the essentials for your holiday brunch party. Keep reading for some of our tips and tricks.

Offer Variety

Food is the most important aspect of your holiday brunch. Try to not overdo it — stay away from having a lot of elaborate dishes. Look to create one large dish and a few side options. Before the meal, offer little snacks and nibbles for your guests. Keeping a variety of options on the table throughout the event will keep everyone happy.


Just like your food variations, you will need to be versatile in drink options as well. Not everyone is a coffee-drinker. Some alternatives that are nice to have are tea, orange or grapefruit juice and mimosas. By providing options to your guests, they will feel more comfortable and won’t be stuck having to drink something they don’t enjoy.

Holiday Brunch


What to Do?

Provide some variation for your guests in activities both before and after the meal. Adding additional chairs and tables will create space so your guests can socialize. Most partygoers will have no problem conversing, especially if they’re part of your normal group of friends. However, if there will be new guests joining, a few party games might help break the ice. Dice games and interactive card games are easy to learn, play and clean up.

Musical Accompaniment

Musical tastes can vary from person to person. Try to stick with some light, neutral background music. Easy listening stations and instrumentals can provide a touch of ambiance without drowning out your guests’ conversations. If your group enjoys music, ask your guests to bring something of theirs to share and give it a turn in the CD player.

At One Stop Rental in West Chester, Ohio, we understand planning and executing a holiday brunch party might feel overwhelming with all the other holiday events going on. However, we would like to help you with any brunch party supplies you might need. Contact us today to find out what we have available. Also, connect with us via social media to share your holiday brunch party pictures with us.