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It’s a good idea to get out in the cooler weather of fall to take care of that yard maintenance. If you don’t prepare your lawn, garden and plants now, freezing temperatures could do damage, and you’ll have that much more to do in the spring.

Here’s a list of things you should take care of before the frosts begin.

1. Weed, Clean, And Fertilize
Pull the weeds from your garden and walkways and turn the garden soil while it’s still dry. Pick up any debris. Spread planting areas with an organic manure fertilizer to enrich the soil.

2. Mulch! Mulch!
Next, cover gardens with a layer of fallen leaves or straw. Rake a pile of leaves around the base of all your trees and shrubs to help protect them against freezing temperatures.

3. Spring Blooms
Why wait? Plant a variety of spring-blooming bulbs in the ground or in pots around the house. That way you’ll have some fresh life and color right after the weather warms up.

Plant spring-blooming bulbs

4. Transplant Shrubs
Do you have trees, shrubs or perennials that have outgrown their space? You might also like to relocate some for aesthetic reasons. Now is the time to dig them up and transplant them to another location.

5. Spread The Joy
You can divide bulbs, so you might want to split up the ones you have to control size, fill empty spaces or create border effects for a new look in the spring.

6. Trimming
Fall is also the perfect weather for an afternoon outdoors trimming and shaping your shrubs, plants and trees. Azaleas, rhododendrons and hydrangeas will grow out more fully after the snow melts.

Trimming and shaping shrubs and hedges

7. Preserve Your Herbs
If you have any herbs still growing in your garden, now’s the time to harvest them for drying or freezing. You might also use them to make oils and vinegars for holiday feasts or as small gifts.

8. Winterize Trees And Plants
Bring any plants that won’t survive the frost indoors. Gently bind up the limbs of trees and plants so that they won’t break under the weight of wind, ice and snow.

9. Service Your Tools
Make the effort to clean, sharpen and oil your tools before putting them away. It would also be a good idea to service and clean power equipment like lawn mowers, pressure washers weed eaters.

10. Prepare Outdoor Plumbing For Freezes
The last item is drain and secure your outdoor water sources. Disconnect hoses and roll them up for storage, along with sprinkler heads and wands. Use some blanket insulation to wrap exposed pipes and faucets to keep them from freezing up.

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