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Planning an event involves coordinating many small details, including all the items you’ll need for seating guests for a meal or a memorable party celebration. However, event planning can be overwhelming, which makes it easy to overlook certain items to make your event a success. One Stop Rental has everything you need for ensuring thorough planning so you don’t forget essential items on your event planning checklist.

Choosing the Best Event Flatware

For a sit-down dinner with nice china and glassware, plastic utensils don’t make the grade. Purchasing flatware is expensive, but renting flatware is an ideal option for one-time needs. Forgetting one simple item like flatware means food can’t be served, guests can’t eat and your event won’t be the organized affair you thought you had planned.

The Finest Glassware Brings Sparkle

Glassware is another simple item that is easily forgotten, but it is essential for any party. For a wedding, glassware is the centerpiece of the toast, and beverages are necessary for every guest. Serving soda out of cans ruins the elegance of your party. Keep your event classy with glassware!

Two glasses on a table.

Table Linen Add That Refined Touch

Table linens are another important item that is easily missed. Paper towels are good in a pinch but are tacky when added to beautiful tables and china plates. Don’t forget to rent table linens to add a special touch to your table decor. In matching or contrasting colors in any shade of the rainbow, they will give your reception or dinner party a festive look.

Lighting Up Your Event

The lighting in your event space sets the mood, and unless you are lucky enough to enjoy a space with well-planned ambient lighting, you will want to rent lighting for your party or special event. Disco balls and chandeliers will make your event vibrant and beautiful. Don’t forget extra cords or a generator for outdoor use; these items are available for rent as well.

Event Skirting For Tables a Big Must

Now, you may have remembered to rent tablecloths, but you forgot about renting skirting. Front tables and food tables look festive and decorative when they are beautifully draped in colorful skirting. Along with napkins, skirting should be selected and rented as part of a tablecloth event package.

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