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Whether moving to a new home or moving an old refrigerator to the curb, there are two pieces of moving equipment that can not only save you time but save your back. The hand truck and cart dolly are the mover’s best friends. These simple tools make moving large items safer and easier. One Stop Rental offers several varieties of hand trucks and dollies for all your moving needs. The Hand Truck & Cart Dolly are a mover's best friends! Let’s take a closer look at these two pieces of moving equipment:

  • Hand Truck – These marvels are essentially levers which allow you to more easily maneuver large and heavy items. Using the power of leverage one person can move a truckload of boxes with relative ease. Hand trucks are also essential for moving appliances, which are not only heavy but bulky. There are numerous types of hand trucks made for specific jobs, but they are all based on creating a pivot point which can be exploited with the lever action of the hand truck when the tall back is tilted. Hand trucks developed on the docks in the 1700s when child workers used similar devices to move loads too heavy for them to lift.
  • Cart Dolly – The cart dolly is a platform with four swivel wheels. The carts are usually covered with carpet to avoid scratching the items aboard and are great for large, bulky items including furniture. A cart dolly gives you more maneuverability than a hand truck and can be easier to use when moving unwieldy items. Make sure to center what you’re moving as best as you can on the cart so the weight distributes evenly.

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