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One Stop Rental has all the lift equipment you’ll need to get you and the materials you need in the right place so you can finish that job.

We offer several varieties of lifts that work for different types of jobs depending on the access you have to the work area.

Scissor lifts are often used during painting and construction.

The following are some of the lifts we have for rent and the best way to use them:

  • Articulating Boom Lift – This lift can move up and out to reach high places. It has a “knuckle” that allows the operator to reach over obstacles and barriers in order to get to the work area. This type of lift is perfect for reaching roof eaves that have heavy landscaping or other obstacles below. They are also useful for trimming trees or high hedgerows.
  • Scissor Lift – This type of lift moves vertically only. It has a larger basket than those in a boom lift and can carry more weight and materials to the work area. They are often used in construction, painting and even use in photo or film shoots.
  • Compact Straight Up Lift – This lift offers convenient handling and can be transported without a trailer or trailer hitch. The lifts are compact enough that they can be used indoors as well as outdoors. They operated by electric motors and are perfect for work in areas with cathedral ceilings. The lift goes straight up on a telescoping rail and has a one-person bucket.
  • Material Lift – If you’re reroofing your house, use a shingle lift to safely get those heavy shingles up on the roof. The shingle lift can carry 2,000 pounds and makes the job much easier.

One Stop Rental is a full-service rental store carrying a wide selection of tools and equipment. For information about our products and services, feel free to contact us today.