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At One Stop Rental in Ohio, you can find the items need to remove the excess moisture from the air inside your business after a disaster such as a flood. A commercial dehumidifier rental is essential after a flooding disaster leaves your medical facility, retail establishment, law firm or home filled with filthy water.

It is vital to remove this moisture from a building as quickly as possible to avoid damage from mold growth and mildew odor. Large buildings such as warehouses and factories often do not have enough ventilation to eliminate the humidity naturally, but with several large dehumidifiers, you can get rid of the humidity quickly.

There is no reason to spend thousands of dollars on equipment you need to repair a business after a disaster fills it with water. Instead, go with a commercial dehumidifier rental.

How Dehumidifiers Work

This is how dehumidifiers work. A fan in the unit pulls in air from the surrounding area into the dehumidifier. As the humid air passes through the unit, it comes into contact with the dehumidifier’s cooled coils. Condensation is used by the coils to extract the moisture from the air. The moisture then remains on the coils and drips into the dehumidifier’s reservoir which then can be pumped out through a hose.

Dehumidifiers Used For Events

During hot summer weather, you don’t need to cope with a humid environment that makes everyone feel uncomfortable. Despite using air conditioners or circulating fans, a building or outdoor area can have high humidity that makes it difficult for people to work at or enjoy an event. With a commercial dehumidifier rental, you can eliminate the high humidity level at an indoor venue, tent or event.

Dehimidifier at a weddign venue.

One Stop Provides Rental Equipment

If you are confused about the size and type of dehumidifier that you need to rent, then talk to the representatives at One Stop Rental. We offer three sizes of dehumidifiers each with various capacities, removing from 14 to 15 gallons of water per day to 28 gallons of water. The Evolution LGR, for example, combines state-of-the-art low grain refrigerant technology into a compact design, weighing only 92 pounds.

Depending on your need, you can choose to rent items from One Stop Rental for a day, week or month to complete a cleanup project. If you have questions about a commercial dehumidifier rental, contact us today. We’d love to hear from you.