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Thinking of renting some equipment for a party or work? With the winter specials running through January 30, there’s no time to wait.

Just because the colder months are here doesn’t mean you can’t tackle some of the yard work waiting to be done, right?

As for tools, the 8hp Hydraulic Tow Behind Auger is part of the special. This auger can be used for a majority of yard tasks, including digging post holes, or major gardening. It can also be attached and towed for added convenience.

It is a hydraulic one-man earth drill, which means the “kick-back” normally paired with these types of tools is greatly reduced, making it more comfortable for the user.

The Hydraulic Tow Behind Auger is a convenient tool, that’s easy to use for major dirt drilling. If there’s outdoor work you still have to finish, now is a good time to get started.

But the auger isn’t the only thing we’re offering a special on this winter. For party rentals, the Fender Pd250 Speaker System is part of the winter special.

This stereo has 250 watts of clear sound, two speakers, two microphones, an amplifier, and all of the necessary cables.

This sound system would be valued at a small gathering or a large party. The microphone capabilities also give way to speaking engagements. The volume range makes it possible for background music or a main event. There are even input jacks to amplify guitar sounds for a concert, or perhaps just the enjoyment of singers on the microphones.

Winter months are the perfect time for an indoor party, so consider this speaker for your audio needs.  

To use the winter special, be sure to mention it when you rent these items. Be sure to check back for seasonal specials all year long.


Written and Published by One Stop Rental